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In the foodservice and restaurant industry, food safety and quality directly impact reputation. Consistent food safety practices are paramount to success. To preserve your reputation and protect your brand, work with NSF, the most trusted name in food safety.

Our food safety services include site reviews/audits, training, technical services and consulting. We also go beyond food safety with services including occupational health and safety compliance, brand standards/quality audits and risk management services.

With nearly 70 years of expertise in food safety and 30-plus years in retail accounts, we have provided thousands of store and supply chain audits, delivering objective and actionable audit findings and robust technical guidance. Our strong public health roots mean we never compromise the objectivity of our food safety services by selling ancillary services such as chemicals or pest control.

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  • The quality of NSF food safety audits is unparalleled. Expert reviewers analyze the issue, identify its cause and help us address and fix it. Our operators now provide safer food to travelers as a direct result of NSF’s educational-based reviews.Sheila Bliss, HMSHost